Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 70: Can I Interest you in a Why Sandwich

A few days in, and Jackson's why sandwiches are about as appealing as this one.

"Why, Mommy? Why?"

No detail is too minuscule, no subject uninteresting enough to escape the why sandwich.

So to squelch that devilish little voice that reminds me how annoying this can get by the end of a long day, I'm going to use classical conditioning to my advantage. Each time I'm served a why sandwich, I will close my eyes, take a deep breath and release all my tension.

Hopefully this will keep me from bottling all that annoyance throughout the day until the floodgates burst after an innocent, "But why are you cutting the onion, Mommy? Why?"

And given the frequency at which I'm encountering the why sandwich, I'd say my overall mental state should go from 'crazed lunatic' to 'beach lounger' in no time.

How cool that he's digging deeper to better understand his world. And what a privilege that I get to be the one to answer all those questions and show him the world as I see it.

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