Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 68: My Baby Smells

Hence the short hiatus to get back on track!

He's a baby so how bad can he really smell, right? But the point is it's been too long since I've found twenty free minutes to bathe Max. Every day it's "we'll get to it tomorrow," until finally it's been two weeks and that chubby little body still hasn't seen the bathtub. You wouldn't think it'd be so difficult, but it seems like when the time does present itself, it's emergency nap time - not now, right now! - or Jackson has a pressing need.

Now those of you who are daily kid-bathers are probably sputtering in front of your screens right now (two weeks?!). But my children aren't neglected or wallowing in filth, and since we've been trained away from over bathing by Jackson's skin, it's just a low priority in our house - not part of the daily routine for sure. In my defense, Max poos on the potty so he really doesn't get all that "dirty," but the principle stands - two weeks has got to be the limit!

So here I go focusing on getting organized instead of writing so that when Max wakes up from his afternoon nap I can plop him in the tub and watch him splash. The bright side is that since it's been so long, to him every bath is like his first! So that keeps it exciting.

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  1. You naughty naughty mommy! Mothers like you should be jailed! oh the neglect :p
    Seriously though, we're self directed and DD sometimes doesn't bathe for weeks... and then she'll move to spells of bathing three times a day... Life is at balance.
    Even when she was a baby we didn't bathe her everyday...