Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 33: Snow Day

I will choose to find a positive perspective under even the most negative circumstances.
I will choose acceptance over resistance.
I will choose to focus on the things I value about my children, not the things that drive me nuts.
I will choose to extend the same grace, love and forgiveness to myself that I try to lavish on my husband and children each day.

The day was full of successes, struggles and possible topics, but the highlight was playing in the snow. It's been a long and very cold winter. Today was so beautiful we couldn't pass up the opportunity to get out, so I put Max down for a nap and instead of starting lunch like we "should" have, we stuffed ourselves into snow pants and big mittens to explore the winter wonderland.

The first item of business was using Daddy's shovel to scoop the snow. Proportionally this was a challenge, but he stuck with it for quite a while. He loved the idea of helping with Daddy's task, since it's usually Mommy's jobs he gets to do.

Next on the agenda: Snow angels. He plopped himself in without hesitation and started waving his hands in the air. It took a little explanation, but eventually he figured out they needed to be in the snow to make wings.

 Of course all this activity worked up a healthy appetite (or thirst?). And what could be better than a snow sandwich with a side of snow! In fact most of the rest of our time outside was spent looking for pristine snow for eating.

It was so good, in fact, that he couldn't resist the urge to dive face first into the snow bank to fill his mouth. It must taste better when it's not tainted by mitten.
Finally, we had to "slide" down one of the snow banks flanking the sidewalk; although it appeared to be quite similar to the plopping involved in angel-making.

I almost made us miss this opportunity based on nothing but an arbitrary time on the clock that said we should eat lunch and take a nap. We probably would have had a more successful nap if we hadn't taken our snow day; he never did fall asleep. And we're probably going to have a more challenging evening because he's tired. But sometimes the highs are worth the lows, and neutral and easy are boring. Today I'll embrace the lows that might come for the sake of our afternoon high.

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  1. Sounds like a great morning! I *try* to get the kids out everyday, even if its only for 10-15 minutes. Changes ALL of our moods!