Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 245: Still Here

If I believed in labeling, I'd call myself a bad blogger, neglectful even. But fortunately this project is as much about accepting my own limitations and setting realistic expectations as it is anything else. So to answer your question, yes, I'm still here.

A peaceful home for us right now requires me to focus my energy elsewhere, despite the fact that this is still where my passion lies. But I'm happy to report that I'm staying present with the spirit of the project, thinking almost daily, "I wish I had time to write about that!" Someday when time allows, I'm excited to catch the blog up with all the great things I'm discovering as I walk through life alongside my boys.

If you're wondering about the dramatically different look of the blog, the reasoning was simple. This project is supposed to be about optimism, lifting myself and others up, seeing the bright side of life even through the dark days. And, well, the drab background was downright depressing! In searching for a new look I noticed that the things I was naturally drawn to were generally subdued, simple, not very lively. So in the spirit of stretching and growing, I chose something a little out of character. A little energetic. Sparkly even. I hope you like it. I have to say it's growing on me...maybe I have more sparkle in me than I thought!

My next post will be back on topic, so don't run away thinking you'll be forced to discuss my taste in blog backgrounds forever. I've been waiting for weeks to share the simple, powerful act of forward motion that has been revitalizing my relationship with Jackson, so hopefully time will allow sooner than later!


  1. I think the "sprinklies" as Truman calls them give it an arts-and-crafts feel. That really is what parenting is — mashing together a bunch of ideas, hopes, theories, realities and sticky things to see what glows.

    At least, it is in this house.

  2. I do like the new look! My first thought when the page loaded was "Oooooh, nice..."

    I admire you for taking time away from blogging to do what you need to. I don't think it makes you a bad blogger, I think it makes you good at life!

  3. hugs hon, write what you can, take it easy. Like the look, but wouldn't have associated it with you :)